The Mummy Escapes

Without a doubt, if I wasn’t an artist and had a time machine, I would be digging up artifacts with a torch and a bullwhip. The sights! The smells! The curses!

This piece most likely came about after watching Raiders of the Lost Ark for the nine hundredth time. In all my projects, I like to try and tell a story… I’m not a fan of merging some verts, throwing a lambert on it and spinning the turntable. Where’s the emotion in a picture-perfect render of some sports car or fancy cell phone? Enter the Mummy!

Mummy_Final.0160Picture it: the setting sun in the outskirts of Cairo. The dusty and intrepid archeologists are off enjoying a well deserved pint of the local poisons after stacking all their stolen loot in the back, ready for shipment back to King and Country. Seeing his chance, the mummy flips the inside latch and prepares his headlong flight into the desert, bandages waving in the wind!

Since Indy Jones was such a big inspiration for this, there all kinds of little nods to the films scattered about. You might notice the BMW-style German trucks, Henry Jone’s Grail Diary on the crate, and the Holy Grail itself half-buried in the dirt below. The map is era-authentic of Cairo, and the jugs and vases are textured directly from existing artifacts. I’m a big fan of accurate, time-specific detail. Even the model of the lantern does not violate the decade. I usually pick a year in the design process and try my best never to violate it.

Mummy_ReferencetIn most of the projects I’m usually including a reference contact sheet, like the one on the right. These aren’t necessarily objects to be modeled directly, but usually serve as a visual inspiration for the look and feel of a piece. It’s also tons of fun to do research! Yes, I’m really that nerdy.

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