Hello and welcome to my site, Dante Rinaldi Design! Why design? Because no matter what you’re doing: composing a shot, creating game assets or even rigging an animated CG character, everything comes down to Design. I am a veteran digital artist in the Visual Effects, Animation, Games and Advertising fields. Honored with multiple industry awards, I’m always interested in new creative challenges and projects. After my latest adventure with the visual effects company Digital Domain, I am currently a Visual Effects/Animation Professor at Ringling College of Art & Design and co-owner, VFX Supervisor of Inferno Visual Effects, LLC.

It’s been a long and winding road. I started out as an illustrator when people used markers and pencils. Going through the many paths of the Advertising and Design industry, the Video Game industry, Visual Effects and Computer Animation, I still love creating and learning new things.

A lifelong student of the craft, I’m obsessed with animating, modeling, surfacing/texturing, lookdev, dynamics, compositing, VFX supervision, as well as title generation, motion graphics, graphic design and illustration and programming!

Click around and let me know what you think- comments are always welcome!

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