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Sir Argus the Dragon Killer

In between teaching Digital Compositing and Animation at Ringling College, I have the opportunity to continue working as a freelance CG artist in my favorite industry. One of the recent gigs was with my good friend Gianni- an amazingly talented Lighter and Compositor who has contributed to such classics as...
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The Wide World Of Emoticons

If you’re one of the huddled masses who hover over that little phone screen like myself, then you know what Emoticons are: those yellow smiling faces that convey the writer’s mood or facial expressions that people send to each other. The game geniuses at OneUp Games are including a whole...
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All Aboard For British Colonialism!

So you’re standing on a train platform in Cairo in 1903, bags packed, and you absolutely, positively have to get to Cape Town, South Africa – 8,000 miles away. You’re out of luck. The British Empire never bothered to finish it. Granted, it was a big, expensive hobby project that...
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Viva Le Bistro!

I was walking down a Brooklyn street one day and came across this amazing little bistro called Moutarde. I have no idea what that means. I don’t even remember the food, but the facade struck me as just beautiful. Like most artists with their heads in the clouds, I didn’t...
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Who’s Up for Heads.Up.Displays?

Funny things about HUDs (Heads Up Displays) – the coolest ones are always found in movies and video games. A closeup view of Robert Downy Jr’s IronMan helmet with a contemporary F-15 Falcon HUD is going to look pretty silly – especially considering he’s a technological genius. What they failed...
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