I am a veteran digital artist in the Visual Effects, Animation, Video Games, Graphic Design and Education fields. Honored with multiple industry awards and constantly striving to push myself artistically to bigger and better accomplishments, I’m always interested in new creative challenges and projects.

I am currently an Animation and Motion Design Instructor at Ringling College of Art & Design in sunny Sarasota, Florida (though I consider myself an perpetual student as well). As a CG generalist, I enjoy Concept, Modeling, Surfacing/Textures, LookDev, Animation, Effects and Compositing, as well as Titles, Motion Graphics and Graphic Design. Please look around my site and feel free to comment on anything you see here. I hope you enjoy the show!

CG/Animation Reel:

For more detailed information, breakdowns from this reel, research and behind-the-scenes of my thought process, please visit Breakdowns, Motion Design, and HUD & Ball Unleashed.

Video Games Reel:

For more detailed information, breakdowns, and thoughts on video game and UI design with behind-the-scenes, please visit Game Design.

Graphic Design Reel:

For more detailed information on these artwork samples, as well as Graphic Design in general (including breakdowns from this reel), please visit Graphic Design.