GD_BannerPage_BookBefore working in the Video Games, Visual Effects, Animation and Educaton fields, I was a full-time graphic designer. Out of college I went straight to work at various advertising agencies rising to Creative Director, and finally culminated my Graphic Design career working for myself in New York.

Some people may think those skills of design has little contribution to VFX and Animation, but they’ve proved incredibly valuable time and time again for me. In fact, one the most important Principles of Animation – Staging – has a direct correlation to graphic design: Composition.

What happens when an artist looks through his film camera? You now have a two dimensional canvas. You have Framing. You have the Rule of Thirds. You have Symmetry, Balance, Visual Complexity, Emotion, Readability, Focus, plus Temporal problem-solving. You ARE a graphic designer, working inherently with all those principles and elements.

No matter what hat I’m wearing that day, I am a Graphic Designer every single day.

Below are the sections of the website dedicated to Graphic Design:

The following gallery is a small selection of my graphic design, web design and multimedia portfolio. It is a mix of both freelance and full-time agency work.

The Elements of Design are the individual pieces that combine together to make up a design solution. The Principles of Design are how designers arrange these elements. How we apply both the Elements and Principles determine how successful the design is.

The art and design of the Walt Disney company is always top-notch, but if there’s a candidate that does not get it’s due time in the sun, it’s the gorgeous Attraction Posters sprinkled throughout the global parks.