ozAre you a person who watches TV and really enjoys the great commercials? Do you find yourself getting excited about experimenting with new technology? Do you consider yourself to be a storyteller with a passion for art? Do you live and breathe design?

A Motion Designer takes inspiration from all the different art forms and integrates it, extrapolates it, and communicates it with a strong, clear concept… while creating visuals that are new and unique. And the whole time, being psyched that when it’s complete, your design enters the social consciousness by being exhibited to millions of viewers!

Below are the sections of the website dedicated to Motion Design:

You see it every day, but you probably didn’t know it had a name. You see it when you go to the movies, or watch TV, or surf the web, or even go shopping. Dive in and let’s take a look!


My students always ask, “What are the most required skills needed to be successful in Motion Design?” Bringing these ten skills to the table is going ensure that what you create is going to be magic.