I’m looking to begin creating longer animations and projects. In the past I’ve been content with creating quick snippets of images – either static shots (see Breakdowns) or just a few seconds in length – but there no place to put the beauty of animation in these types of work. With longer projects, properly storyboarded out (see Creating Storyboards), I’m hoping to infuse more personality and performance in my work.

This is also a great place to put my various montage demo reels: VFX and Animation, Video Game Design and Graphic Design. Check back soon as I update this page with some of my latest work! I hope you enjoy the show!

VFX/Animation, Video Game & Graphic Design

Thumbnail_Reel_VideoIncludes work at Digital Domain, Kaos Studios, freelance design as well as my personal projects. I really love modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, compositing.

Also included are examples of dynamic effects and graphic/motion design. I’m putting together a breakdown sheet of the exact roles I’ve played in each clip.

Heads-Up Display and The Ball Unleashed

Thumbnail_Reel_HUDA great deal of time was spent at Digital Domain dedicated to Special Venue visual effects and animation – including the three animations featured on the page: Heads-Up Display, Amazin’ and The Ball Unleashed.

Included are breakdowns, behind the scene reels and wireframe animations of all the assets!

The Legend of Tembo

Thumbnail_Reel_TemboA brief history of an elephant movie at Digital Domain and its strange beginnings for me. Also included: some amazing animal illustrations from the great Aaron Blaise, model turntables, behind-the-scenes at the studio, test animations and more!