It Came From Outer Space! …or my mouse.

I love old movies – Frank Capra, Jimmy Stewart, Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Bing Crosby – so basically every CG project I undertake is a period piece. Why make something contemporary when you could just look out the window?

robots_ao2This is a throwback to those great pulpy invasion movies of the 40s and 50s when the world was was looking up (in books, no doubt!) cryptic new words like “Radioactive” and “Mutation”. There’s zillions of little details in this and future postings that are chock full or contextual nuggets – most of which never see the pixel resolution to be recognized! Hence, this handy blog where I can expound to the random, sleepless populace clicking randomly and dangerously enough to stumble upon my little art corner of the web.

Robots_ReferencetSo what’s in here? Besides the stainless steel robotic hero tearing down the main boulevard of Anytown, there’s the Beacon Theater. I used to live right around the corner of the famous Upper West Side venue in Manhattan – so what better name? On the marquee is advertised You Can’t Take It With You with Jean Arthur and Lionel Barrymore, doubled with Angles With Dirty Faces with the incomparable Cagney and Bogey. I thought those two cinematic choices seemed apt for tonight’s events.

On the side of the Bijou across the street is an old torn poster of King Kong. Now, that hairy movie premiered some twenty years prior to the scene – but as some may not realize, the studios used to re-release the moneymaker movies theatrically every decade or so (now we just stream it to our phones. Ugh.) Not to verge off track, but if you see someone watching Lawrence of Arabia for the first time on a 3″ screen, please commence unimaginable violence upon them.


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