The Steampunk TinMan


Granted it was 1939, but the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz never really looked to me like he could actually work. The Scarecrow could BE a scarecrow if he had to… and the Lion… well, never mind the lion. But what a waste of design potential for that Tin Man! It makes me wonder of the studio artists had ever seen Metropolis a decade earlier.

TinMan_Final.0210Ignoring the eyebrow-raising notion that a man of tin can rust himself immobile in mere seconds of precipitation, I decided to make my own! Enter our hero, taking a well-deserved break when he feels (hears?) a raindrop…. reaching up instinctively like we all do… maybe a few drops more… and BAM! The workday ends abruptly.

I threw some little details in here taken from both the book and thin air. Obviously the trees have sleepy faces as in the film, and apples are scattered about for a singing Kansas schoolgirl to find later. I kept the funnel hat and placed a birds nest on his shoulder with some eggs to denote a stillness quality of the scene. The woodcutters wagon advertises a barely legible “Emerald City Lumber Company” logo.

TinMan_ReferencetI suppose Warner Brothers thought the origin of the Tin Man too gruesome to talk about in the film – apparently the Witch enchanted the man’s axe to slowly chop off his limbs, which he replaced over time with metal appendages. Sounds like a solid Workers Comp case to me.

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