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IronManGreenscreenHave you ever had one quick VFX or Animation question about something specific, but every internet search result brings back 30+ minute videos of someone blabbering away forever before getting to the point? I’m a bullet-list kinda guy. I would rather see a quick rundown than sit through a video scrubbing marathon, hoping to land on a spot of useful information.

That’s where this section of my site comes in. Want to refresh yourself on Vray or Primatte skills quickly? Wondering again what that one button will do? Check out my following VFX Cheat Sheets (left sidebar). Quick and to the point. And to break everything down even further, I’ve added color-coded sections of content:

The green sections are essential points to know to get the job done fast. Consider this content the wheel, gas and brake pedals. Hit these main marks to get a semi-decent result and move on with your project.

The red sections are for advanced information. Here’s the real deal – where together we’ll dig deep under the hood and get to the nuts and bolts. This is for tweaking information to squeeze a bit more quality and speed out – to be on the road to a professional result you’re after. Prop up the engine blocks and let’s rip this thing apart.

I’ll be adding topics quite often, so if you don’t what you’re after, check back soon! Even better, add a comment below to suggest something!